From the Editor...

July 18, 2022

By Hillary Jackson

From the Editor...


Configuring a mutual fund board can be challenging, with so many factors to consider and voices to listen to. And if you're serving on a well established board, it's potentially even more difficult to get from where the board currently is to where you think it should be in terms of diversity of age, race, gender, professional skills, background, etc. It's a never-ending challenge for our readers, so we put together a one of our 10 Things... lists on the topic. There's some really great advice in there, so give it a read.


Speaking of configuring a board, Frontier Funds is hoping to add expertise and diversity to its boardroom by asking shareholders to vote in mid-September on a new nominee. Should he be elected, the new director will start at the beginning of 2023 following the year-end retirement of a long-serving director. 


Still on the board configuration topic, Morningstar Funds Chair Theresa Hamacher has penned a compelling op-ed for Barron's in which she makes the argument for director term limits. Take a look at the article if you can (requires a subscription to Barron's).


Finally, don't miss our latest issue of FBV Monthly, which was published last week. It contains all the stories we posted in June and is a great resource for those who want to refer back to articles and those who want to make sure they haven't missed anything.


Hopefully, you're all having a good (normal) summer. We're about mid-way through at this point, so savor each day!


For now,


Hillary Jackson, founding editor



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