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Deloitte's 5th edition 'Women in the Boardroom: A Global Perspective'

January 29, 2018

By Deloitte Global Center for Corporate Governance

The Deloitte Global Center for Corporate Governance recently published its fifth edition of Women in the Boardroom: A Global Perspective. The report presents data on the numbers of women directors, chairs, and committee members from over 60 countries, a substantial increase from the 2015 report, which covered 49 countries. This year’s report found that 15% of all board seats globally are taken up by women, representing only a modest improvement over the 12% reported in the last report two years ago. For many who are advocating faster change in the composition of our boardrooms, including regulators, governments, investors and others—including Deloitte—they will no doubt find this to be unacceptably slow improvement. On the other hand, a three percent uptick in less than two years can still be seen as significant given the slow turnover among many boards and the continued preference for directors who are sitting CEOs or recently retired CEOs.


To read the report, click here.



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