From the Editor...

June 20, 2022

By Hillary Jackson

From the Editor...


One more day until the Summer Solstice! That means we're putting the final touches on our annual Summer Reading List. Please send us your recommendations ASAP, and look out for the final list tomorrow. 


We've been looking inside boardrooms lately, as new directors join, seasoned directors prepare to retire, and boards increase their numbers to handle the various tasks for which they are responsible. The Direxion Funds board has diversified its ranks with three new directors, while the Eaton Vance Funds board has added a new independent ahead of an expected departure, and Trivent Funds is putting three new nominees before shareholders next month. We'll keep following recruitment and hiring efforts among boards and bringing you the latest developments.


In the meantime, please check out our PDF containing all the stories we published in May. It's a great resource that ensures you don't miss anything in a given month.


Stay up to date on how the industry is feeling about new rules and rule proposals, which many fear will add to fund boards' workloads as soon as later in the summer when 2a-5 and 18f-4 compliance dates hit. Finally, make sure you know how your peers on comparable boards are being compensated; MPI recently released its annual director comp survey and you'll want to know the latest trends.


If you're in the mood to write about fund governance-related issues, please reach out. We're always looking for new Viewpoints writers. These pieces are open (not behind our paywall) and accessible to peers, clients, friends, family, and anyone who's interested in the topic. Email or call me for more details!


For now,


Hillary Jackson, founding editor



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