In the Margins

Columnist: Trump a threat to 401(k) plans

May 10, 2016

By MarketWatch

When presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump talks about his potential solutions for dealing with U.S. government debt, American 401(k) plan participants should pay attention, according to MarketWatch columnist Brett Arends. "We Americans own almost $5 trillion in Treasury bonds, all told. That’s more than twice as much as China, Japan and all the oil exporting countries put together," he writes in a recent opinion piece. "...[W]hen Donald Trump monkeys with the U.S. government debt, as he has in two interviews in the past few days, this isn’t just a matter of abstract economics or of sticking it to foreigners. It’s about threatening to take your personal 401(k) out into the back yard and beat it like, as they say, 'a rented mule.'" Read the original piece from MarketWatch.



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