From the Editor...

September 27, 2022

By Hillary Jackson

From the Editor...


New figures on mutual fund board hiring practices show that more women and representatives of minority groups are joining boardrooms across the country as the industry focuses on diversity and inclusion. There remains room for improvement and progress, but it's encouraging to see that boards are following through on pledges to diversify their ranks. In our latest exclusive story on the Independent Directors Council 2022 Directors Practices Study, we take a look at the data and get feedback on why the numbers look like they do. Don't miss our story on the compensation figures out of the study; for the most part, independent fund directors saw modest pay increases in 2021.


In other news, John Hancock Funds has some new faces around the board table, and the recruitment process was a fascinating one. We spoke with Chairman Hassell McClellan about how the board identified what it needed and how it found the right individuals to join the team. It's a an interesting look inside the Hancock Funds boardroom and full of insight that should be useful to boards of all sizes and shapes. 


Finally, we've shared an interesting piece of research with readers, written by a trio of university professors. They look at how fund complexes structure fees and disclose that information to investors. It's good reading, so don't miss it.


Here's hoping you're enjoying the autumn weather so far and are not in the path of a hurricane (if you are, stay safe!)! 


For now,


Hillary Jackson, founding editor



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