From the Editor...

February 22, 2021

By Hillary Jackson

From the Editor...


It's Black History Month, and we are highlighting Black independent fund directors in our A Seat at the Table section throughout the month. So far, we've featured Chris Cheesman from American Century Funds, Warren West from Quaker Funds, and Matthew Thornton from Nuveen Funds. We're hoping readers are able to gain a little insight into how these directors got where they are and some ideas about where to look for diverse candidates when seats open up on their boards. Keep an eye out between now and the end of February for one or two more diversity-focused articles.


Our latest Viewpoints is penned by Perkins Coie partner Carl Frischling, a 50-year veteran of the investment management industry. He's written an op-ed on how the characteristics of mutual fund boards have changed over the years, while directors' core responsibilities have remained mostly the same. It's a good read from someone who's been around fund boards for decades.


Also, don't miss our exclusive interview with Dalia Blass, now former director of the Securities and Exchange Commission's Division of Investment Management. She spoke with FBV on her first day post-SEC about her tenure and what she sees as the issues with which boards will deal going forward. Finally, our newest 10 Things... list includes tips on how to best onboard new directors in this virtual world.


Earlier in the month, we looked at the GameStop frenzy and its potential impact on mutual funds and their boards (and what directors should be asking to determine whether their funds were impacted) and Nationwide's new leadership structure


Stay in the know with FBV, and stay in touch—we love to hear from readers and we're missing seeing everyone on the conference circuit!


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Hillary Jackson, founding editor



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