From the Editor...

February 1, 2022

By Hillary Jackson

From the Editor...


There is always a lot of change this time of year, and we've been able to bring readers into the know on why and how the decisions behind some of those changes are being made. Rather than just report on a personnel change in a boardroom, we interview the chair and/or the committee chair leading recruitment and succession planning efforts and take a deep dive into what's actually happening around the board table (or on the Zoom screen, as the case may be). This makes for a more interesting read, and it helps the industry establish norms by which other boards can make their own important decisions. 


In the past couple weeks, we've interviewed Ray Woolson and Gail Duree from Advisors Series Trust, which is embarking on a year of important decision-making, and Kathie Barr from Professionally Managed Portfolios about her board's efforts to diversify and modernize. We've also followed up with Hartford Funds about its progress in dealing with a challenging generational shift in recent years and the results of Morgan Stanley Funds' year-long search for new independent directors


Meanwhile, Buddy Donohue and Kim Kaufman continue their 10in10 series on the regulatory developments during the 2010-to-2020 decade that they believe have had the biggest impact on the fund industry. So far, the first four installments have covered money market funds, reporting modernization, liquidity risk management, and internet availability of shareholder reports. The next six articles will be published over the next six weeks, and we'll provide subscribers with an ebook of the entire series at the end. What a great resource!


Speaking of, our 2021 Viewpoints ebook has been published. It contains all the Viewpoints articles we ran last year and is another great resource for our readers. Don't forget to download it today. 


Here's to the Year of the Tiger! Stay healthy and well. 


For now


Hillary Jackson, founding editor



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