From the Editor...

December 7, 2021

By Hillary Jackson

From the Editor...


We are heading quickly toward the end of the year, another filled with pandemic-related restrictions, modifications, and worries. As conditions improve, however slowly, we're hoping to begin hearing about more in-person board meetings and industry events. And we can't wait to actually see you all in person again! 


In the meantime, the U.S. economy is dealing with rising inflation, which, of course, effects the markets and mutual funds—some more than others. To help board members make sure they have a good handle on how the funds they oversee may be effected by inflation, we have devoted our most recent 10 Things... list to the subject. There is a ton of great information in there, collected from a variety of sources, so make sure to take a look. And, as always, please feel free to suggest topics for future lists.


In other news, we have visited the John Hancock Funds boardroom, through an exclusive interview with Chairman Hassell McClellan. He shared with us—and you, our readers—insight into how the board is handling a significant turnover in directors in the coming years. McClellan discusses the board's approach to recruiting and hiring and touches on his expectations for future board meetings, once the pandemic is well and truly behind us.


We've also recently interviewed the chair of RBB Fund, reported on the retirement of three original—and very well known—Dimensional Funds directors, provided details on a recent lawsuit against American Century and its board, and posted FBV Monthly for November. So, make sure you haven't missed anything!


We love to hear from readers, so please reach out via email ( or telephone (301-384-1877) to suggest story ideas, ask about writing a Viewpoints, or just to have a chat. 


For now,


Hillary Jackson, founding editor



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