From the Editor...

August 9, 2023

By Hillary Jackson

From the Editor...


We love delivering new and different voices to our readers, which we do—for the most part—through our Viewpoints section. The latest, a deep dive into money market funds and the boards that oversee them, was written by Darrell Braman, retired from the T. Rowe Price Associates legal department and currently a law professor. It's a thorough and interesting read that you don't want to miss, especially if your remit includes money market funds—but even if it doesn't...right now. 


Our Viewpoints section is a great—and accessible—value add for FBV readers, but it's also an opportunity for subject matter experts throughout the fund, and fund governance, space to get published. While most of our content is for subscribers only, Viewpoints are not behind our paywall, which means authors can share their work with peers, clients, coworkers, friends, family...whomever they want. Post your article on LinkedIn, on your corporate or personal website, and/or email it out to your contact list. Anyone can contribute an article, provided it's relevant to mutual fund boards and the piece hasn't been published elsewhere. Get in touch today to learn more about the process and discuss potential topics! You can reach me at 301-384-1877 and


Focusing on boardrooms, we've recently reported on how the Amplify ETFs board will expand their responsibilities later this year following the close of the Illinois-based firm's acquisition of ETF Managers Group's exchange-traded funds lineup. And we've provided details on the Hodges Funds' move from one series trust (Professionally Managed Portfolios) to another (Northern Lights Fund Trust II), a reorganization that is expected to be effective toward the end of next month and which will involve the funds being overseen by a new-to-them board. It's an unusual and interesting move, so be sure to click on the story below if you haven't read it already. 


Finally, we've recently highlighted a new fund director-focused podcast series from Sidley Austin lawyer Jay Baris and pulled together a very informative 10 Things... list on AI and ChatGPT-like tools and what fund boards should know about the space. Happy reading!


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