From the Editor...

August 22, 2022

By Hillary Jackson

From the Editor...


Today marks the start of our two-week end-of-summer publishing break. We will resume publishing after Labor Day, so look for new headlines then and enjoy the rest of your August!


In the run-up to our time off, we've been updating readers on regulatory initiatives, goings-on in various boardrooms, and how fund directors can stay up to date on advisers' strategic planning efforts. Summer may be a slower time, but it's still a time of working and pushing things forward—and we're keeping you in the know as much as we can. 


The SEC is looking at mutual funds' 15(c) processes and asking for advisers and boards to hand over documentation and other information. We're keeping our ear to the ground on this one as the the market waits to see what the Commission does next. 


Also, don't miss our analysis of the industry's pushback on the SEC's ESG disclosure and names rule proposals. We'll likely delve into topics around these two proposals more when we return from break, as the industry and regulator grapple with what might be next as the SEC considers submitted comments and, presumably, moves closer to issuing final rules. 

Our interview with Susan Sweeney, independent chair of MassMutual Funds, is also one to make sure you make time for. She discusses changes to the makeup of the board and plans to gather in person for the first time in almost three years. Looking inside other boardrooms, we've got news of Morgan Stanley Funds, which is poised to take on oversight of the adviser's first-ever ETFs; the SPDR ETFs board, which has asked shareholders to vote on three new directors—two independent and one interested—in mid-September; and Frontier Funds, which is looking to add a new independent director at the start of 2023


And finally, our most recent 10 Things... list covers what boards may consider doing and asking in order to stay abreast of the adviser's strategy


Hopefully, all this keeps you busy and informed as we get ready to hit the ground running in September and through the end of the year. Enjoy these last lazy summer days and stay well. 


For now,


Hillary Jackson, founding editor



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