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AI Governance Playbook

March 26, 2024

By Athena Alliance

Artificial intelligence and other exponential technologies are poised to transform nearly every aspect of life as we know it. These times demand a thoughtful, proactive, and vigilant understanding of AI’s transformative capabilities and potential repercussions, and call for a paradigm shift in boardroom strategies.The Athena Alliance AI Governance Playbook—a referenceable, holistic, practical and dynamic guide for board members and executives—is designed to help leaders at the top of organizations navigate the risks and rewards of exponential technology now and in the coming years by laying out a human and sustainability-focused lens on governing this new and complex business landscape.


While the Playbook focuses more specifically on AI, it can be applied to the governance of multiple forms of emerging technology. The goal of the Playbook is to provide a human-centered, multidisciplinary view of the key governance issues of such technology and to give leaders a framework for how to apply effective oversight, even as our collective understanding of the uses, implications, opportunities and risks continues to evolve.


Authors include Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Erin Essenmacher, Meghan Anzelc, Heidi Lorenen, and Joyce Li. 


To access the Playbook, click here.



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