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Diversity and Investment: A Summary of the Research

November 30, 2022

By Theresa Hamacher, for Investment Adviser Association

Fifty-six studies, 50 years of data, and a clear consensus: There is no trade-off between diversity and investment performance. That’s the capsule summary of the second edition of Diversity and Investment: A Summary of the Research. “More specifically,” says author Theresa Hamacher, president of Versanture Consulting (and independent chair of Morningstar Funds), “there’s strong evidence that women investors, firms owned by women, and teams that include women and minorities generate investment results that are at least as good as those generated by other investors.”


The revised research review, which was just released by the Investment Adviser Association, is a significant expansion on the 2021 original. The second edition adds 11 studies, bringing the total number of studies summarized to 56, and incorporates updates to three recurring studies.


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