FBCOV1596 May 27, 2020 107 2020-2 22 05/27/2020 Special-FBV-coverage-May-2020-coronavirus Over the past two months, mutual fund boards have had to find new ways to approach fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities, and Fund Board Views has been right here helping them stay in the know about market developments and what their peers are doing. Since February, when we flagged coronavirus as one of the top 10 issues boards would face this year and into the 2020s, we've been on top of the global pandemic and how it might affect independent fund directors, the funds they oversee, and the markets in which they operate. If you haven't been keeping up, here's what you missed:


Recruiting in the time of coronavirus (May 18)

How, why fund boards should leverage internal audit (May 12)

10 Things...to improve your virtual meeting experience (May 8)

Fund Boards: Much has changed; expectations have not (April 23)

Q&A: Comparing COVID-19 to past crises (April 17)

Advisors Series Trust directors give up pay raise during pandemic (April 10)

10 Things...Boards should ask about business continuity (April 8)

SEC issues interfund lending relief (March 31)

SEC extends no-action relief to money market funds (March 24)

Funds update risk disclosure with coronavirus language (March 19)

Virtual meeting 'experiment' pays off for Boston Trust Walden Funds board (March 18)

10 Things…Boards may consider, ask in coronavirus discussions (March 12)

Fund boards urged to stay current amidst coronavirus concerns (March 5)

Coronavirus fears prompt in-person voting relief  (March 4)

10 Things...Facing boards in the 'Roarin' 20s' (Feb. 28)


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